Universal XSLT Stylesheet for import of arbitrary XML into FileMaker

File can be found here.


Create new empty FileMaker file. Any current version of FileMaker will do (fp7 or fmp12, even fp5 should work).

Put your XML source file (I will call it data.xml here) and this file into the same folder as your new FileMaker file.

Select file / import records / xml.

For the data source select 'file' and and enter 'file:data.xml'.

Check the box to use a stylesheet and again select 'file'. Enter 'file:universal-import.xslt'.

Click 'continue ...'.

Now select creation of a new table in upper right corner of window. Then start importing.

Result is a new table in FileMaker with four fields. It will create a record for every node and every attribute, containing every name and value. This is probably more than you want. But now your are inside FileMaker with the XML data. And it needed no XSLT programming skills at all!

If you need a more special XSLT just ask via mail.

Author: Jens Teich (info[at]jensteich[dot]de).

File can be found here.